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The contract between the client and Care for You only comes into existence after the client sends the deposit and Care for You issues an invoice for the client. The date on the invoice is considered as  the starting point of the contract. By issuing the invoice by Care for You the booking of the service is  considered as confirmed. The final price of the service should include the treatment itself, as listed in the pricing guide,  and additional costs which would be agreed upon. The additional costs include accommodation,  if provided by ourselves, transportation to and from the airport. The client is responsible for any  unexpected costs related to the treatment that are not already included in the treatment price guide. Care for You holds no medical qualifications. our liability is limited to a duty of providing you with  arrangement services. The role of Care for You is to act as a coordinators for medical facilities  and arrange medical treatment. Care for You does not carry any responsibility for the work of the  surgeon, clinic and its staff. In case the surgeon does not recommend the surgery, we do not hold the  responsibility.