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Dermal Fillers

Ask any woman over a certain age what her beauty biggest complaint is and she’ll undoubtedly reply,“Wrinkles!” Crow’s feet, laugh lines, lip lines, fine lines, no matter what you call them, they all fall into the same category: unwanted. After spending umpteen years on the earth, collagen and elastin fibers are less apt to bounce back into place. 

Heap UV exposure, smoking, stress and even the way you sleep onto the dog pile and you’ve got a perfect storm for premature ageing. While going under the knife is one way to save face, there’s a far less painful, more natural-looking way to restore the skin of your youth: Juvederm.


What is Juvederm?

When it comes to eradicating unwanted wrinkles, Juvederm is the most advanced dermatological filler on the market. Thanks to its silky consistency and lightweight composition of hyaluronic acid – a naturally occurring protein found in skin tissue – Juvederm offers unparalleled, long-lasting results. Unlike thicker gel fillers, Juvederm offers visible yet natural-looking results with the least amount of downtime and the fewest side effects.

Am I a Candidate for Juvederm?

  • Pronounced wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyebrows
  • Deep-set laugh lines and wrinkles around the mouth and lips
  • Acne scarring
  • Sunken hollows around the eyes and/or pronounced dark circles

The Procedure

Dubbed the “lunchtime lift,” a Juvederm treatment with Dr. Rivkin typically takes about 15 minutes and patients can immediately return to work. He will carefully and precisely inject the filler into key locus points to ensure the most accurate outcome. Results are manifest immediately.

After the Procedure

Minimal swelling, bruising, and redness may occur after your Juvederm injection, but will fully subside in about three days. You will be able to return straight to work and can resume normal activities immediately after treatment. In general, Juvederm is relatively risk-free and painless, offering you unparalleled results with the shortest recovery period. Call us today and set up an appointment or fill out our booking form.