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Cosmetic Surgery and Qualifications

All cosmetic surgeons in Hungary have to be qualified general surgeons before specializing in cosmetic surgery, and this is much stricter then in the United Kingdom.  This means that the Hungarian cosmetic surgeons operate at a very high level.  Doctors first study for six years at a medical university and upon passing their final examination they train for three to five years at a hospital or clinic.  The length of surgical training depends on the area of expertise that they wish to practice.  After this they are required to pass another exam to obtain their diploma which qualifies them to be a surgeon.  In order to practice as a cosmetic surgeon, doctors must study and train an additional year or two and pass another exam to receive their cosmetic diploma.  In total, cosmetic surgeons have at least 13 years of training.

Doctors must be registered and granted permission to practice by the Hungarian Chamber of Medicine.  Before becoming a member of the Hungarian Association of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons, doctors must pass all of their cosmetic surgery exams.  Hungarian surgeons and dentists qualifications are accepted in all European Union countries enabling them to work in any EU country if they desire.  The government health department also must approve and register all hospitals and clinics, and also register each doctor who practices at that particular clinic.

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