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Why Us?

Hungary has always been a popular travel and medical tourism destination. Medical tourism started at the Western border of Hungary in 1980’s, where primarily Austrian and German patients discovered the high quality dental treatments at reduced rates. Since Hungary joined the European Union in 2004, medical tourism has become more varied and more international.

Our Agency offers you medical procedures and packages, organising the entire trip including accommodation, transfers, treatments and all our costumers needs. Travellers can combine medical treatments with their holidays, discovering the 1000-year-old history of the country and the unique fusion of eastern and western cultures, while recovering from surgery in one of the many thermal spas.

Why choose us:


  • We provide High Quality Medical Procedures and Professional Physicians

Surgeons and doctors in Hungary are highly qualified as they are required to study for six years and to train for another three to five years, depending on their specialty. 

Almost all the medical tourism facilitators claim that they are the only ones working with the "best clinics and doctors". However, Care for You Hungary also offers high quality medical procedures performed by highly qualified and experienced physicians. Unlike other medical tourism companies that offer a large number of doctors and many clinics, Care for You Hungary partners with a few selected doctors for each procedure. We have selected, evaluated and contracted physicians with the highest quality and education by travelling to each partner clinic and medical facility they work in.

  • We Guarantee Our High Quality Work

We guarantee that our clients receive high quality healthcare services comparable to treatments available in U.S. for a fraction of the cost

  • Savings

Care for You Hungary gives you an opportunity to save over 50-60% of what you would otherwise pay for your dental work in the United States /UK.

  • We speak your native language

    We provide you with case consultants speaking your native language so that you would be in the comfort of communicating without any difficulties.

  • Budapest is one of the  most popular destination in Europe
  • Wide range of private treatments available